Dear Learners of Italian,

Benvenuti ! Welcome to the English version of our popular Italian grammar website. As most visitors of are still beginners we decided to offer an additional course programme with interactive grammar exercises to introduce the basic categories of Italian grammar.

We recommend the following order of activities to learn the Italian language:

1.) First of all you should get to know the basic rules of Italian pronunciation.

2.) Then start to study the Italian subject pronouns together with the two verbs avere/essere (to have and to be)

3.) Now you should go on to learn the present tense forms of regular Italian verbs.

4.) Study the rules of the Italian articles and don’t forget to do the respective interactive exercises.

5.) Now concentrate on the plural forms of Italian nouns and adjectives.

6.) Then learn the typical combinations of Italian prepositions and articles (preposizione articolata).

7.) Try to build negative sentences.

8.) At this point it is important to learn the system of Italian pronouns.

9.) Remember that you will also have to learn the Italian numbers.

10.) Last but not least you should practice the forms of the Italian imperative.

You will find many more free and printable exercises on the Italian grammar on our latest grammar site:

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